Please Pardon Our Appearance…


Jade and Fern is a little messed up right now. Someone accidentally forgot to pay an important blog bill (not me, really), and it’ll be a couple days till the blog is back on its pretty little feet.

Until then, please don’t judge our hangover bed-head. In fact, go spend your internet time elsewhere. Shoo!


Inspired By: Hipsters (Plus, Blog News!)

Decor Hints You’re Becoming a Hipster:

Nina Montenegro: Decor Hints You're Becoming a Hipster

Art by Nina Montenegro, via Curate This Space

Truth time, readers: how many of these hipster design trends do you have in your homes?!

Decor Signs You're Becoming a Hipster, by Nina Montenegro

Decor Signs You're Becoming a Hipster, by Nina Montenegro

I have SEVEN! And want at least 4 of the remaining 5. Which apparently means that, as I’ve suspected all along, I am truly a hipster.

In other news, exciting changes are happening on Jade and Fern! I will be switching blog platforms and hosts and themes and other goodies imminently, so please bear with me if things look or act wonky for a few days. Growing pains, you know. But it’s all for the best, we’re going big-time! Huzzah!

Have a fabulous hipstery weekend, all!


Update: read all about the hipster invasion of Somerville, MA (where I live, of course) in this great article! Hipster bunny approves.

Industrial Fashion: DIY Cement Brooches

DIY Cement Brooches || Jade and Fern

The folks over at CraftBits asked me to develop a project for them! Woot!

Since I’ve been digging industrial jewelry lately—who doesn’t love a good juxtaposition?—I took a stab at creating a wearable using cement and came up with these brooches. What do you think??

DIY Cement Brooches || Jade and Fern

DIY Cement Brooches || Jade and Fern

DIY Cement Brooches || Jade and Fern

I got über carried away while photographing these babies, so like any photographer worth her salt I found myself curled up in the fetal position to get the shot:

Behind the Scenes || Jade and Fern

My photo professors would be so proud.

It’s a really simple project but REALLY gratifying (if I do say so myself). Head on over to CraftBits for the tutorial on how to whip up your own DIY Cement Brooches!

Inspired By: DIY Cement Projects

DIY Cement Projects Roundup || Jade and Fern

Bookends || Ring Dish || Easter Eggs || Planter || Alphabet Magnets

Have you ever made anything out of cement??

I just tried it for the first time and I am HOOKED. It felt just as magical as making biscuits—grab a few pantry items and whip ’em up out of nothing. In this case, all you need is some regular old cement, a mold, some water, and a couple days of patience, and presto change-o! Cement goodness!

I’ll be posting my own cement project soon, but in the meantime, have fun with these great creations from around the web.

Fun fact: did you know that cement and concrete are not the same thing?

Happy weekend, all!

Snaps: The Coconut Buddha

Bare Feet and Coconut Buddha || Jade and Fern

In spite of being crazy busy last week, I managed to get out a few times for some pleasant walks in my neighborhood, soaking up the sun and the refreshing 80° temperature. And I’m quite glad I did, because I discovered this amazing headless Buddha statue topped with a coconut shell. The Coconut Buddha, if you will.

Quirky lawn decorations make me smile.

Do any of you like to go on walks? What draws your attention when you do?